Glenda Duell's election tally swells in recount

Glenda Duell, reached Monday on vacation in Texas, said she was frustrated that this same glitch had occurred two years ago when she ran for town board.

That year, on election night, it was unofficially declared that she received one vote although she received 90 or so.

This one-vote tally, published in newspapers and websites, was an embarrassment, she said, that wasn't corrected publicly.

"I'd like to know why this type of mechanical problem should be allowed to happen twice," Duell said, noting that the machine may have had other problems in 2007 as well, including not allowing people to vote for two board members in particular combinations of their choice. "This is a disservice to the people who voted for me."

Montfort said the election machine's roller assembly hadn't been fixed because parts for it were no longer available. The problem of the multiple votes in 2007, he added, was likely a matter in which several voters lifted a write-in window, then changed their minds, triggering lockout bars to engage - a design limitation of the machine, he said, rather than a malfunction.

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