A glimpse of better days

Otis H. Tefft, 83, of Sandy Hill (Hudson Falls), despondent over his physical condition, committed suicide Nov. 21, 1909 by shooting himself through the right temple, at Ripley's Point, Lake George. He had been boarding there for a couple of weeks at the home of Elmer J. Fuller. Mr. Tefft was found unconscious on the floor of the boathouse of F.M. Jenkins, a neighbor. Beneath the body and piled about it were pillows and cushions arranged in preparation for death.

Otis Tefft was a highly respected resident of Sandy Hill. He was born in the town of Caldwell (Lake George) in 1826. For many years he was prominent in the lumber business in Plattsburgh. Forty years ago (1869) he was identified with the Sandy Hill Iron and Brass Works and he has been retired for 25 years.

(Note...Apparently the same man was the subject of an article in an 1880 edition of the Lake George Mirror):

"On May 11, 1880, Mr. O.H. Tefft of Sandy Hill brought up and launched a very nice new Catamaran, 16 feet long and 7 feet wide. It was built by Daily and Hyde of Moss St., one mile north of Sandy Hill and cost $175. Mr. Tefft intends to spend about a week on the lake with his craft."

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