Kids share their experience being in 'The Nutcracker'

"Usually, with the first performance you're nervous but then with the second or third you're not as much," said Madison.

"Yeah, after the second or third you feel like you can basically do anything," added Eydon.

Madison's younger brother, Paul, a 2nd-grade student at Cumberland Head Elementary, said he was nervous at first, too. However, Paul is taking the stage this year playing the part of a boy at a party and a soldier.

"The cool part is you get to wear really, really nice costumes," said Paul, "and you get to use really nice props like fake swords, trumpets, trombones."

"Plus, it helps you get more flexible for football and baseball and stuff like that," added Paul, who said ballet teaches good coordination and balance.

Julia Drollette, a third-grade student at Morrisonville Elementary School, gets the chance to play a sugar plum attendant and a soldier this year. The first time she was in The Nutcracker, which was two years ago, she played the part of a mouse. Last year, she got the part of a girl at the party.

Her hard work and determination has helped her get bigger parts each year.

"It was cool," Julia said about learning she received bigger parts in the production this year. "I like acting. It's fun."

Korinne Stay, a 12th-grader at Beekmantown High School said she remembers being Julia's age and just starting on her path to performing. Korinne had the role of a party girl, too, and eventually received more challenging parts over the years.

Korinne, who now plays the role of the Mouse King, said she remembers being nervous on stage when she was younger.

"I remember being a little intimidated," said Korinne, "but I really liked it and stayed with it. I definitely enjoy it."

Korinne agreed that performing is hard work.

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