CVPH Diabetes Education Center helps diabetics to stay in control

PLATTSBURGH - The Diabetes Education Center at CVPH Medical Center has been helping diabetics in various ways for the last three years.

According to the American Diabetes Association, November is American Diabetes Month, and a time to keep in mind how serious a disease it is.

The DEC is the only program in Clinton County to be certified by the ADA, providing numerous programs to help diabetics cope.

One major program the center offers is a Diabetes Self Management Education class, a 10 hour course held over four weeks, which provides diabetics, both type I and type II, with a way to manage their diabetes.

"There's skills that if somebody is newly diagnosed or if they haven't had diabetes education at all, they may have been diagnosed maybe 2, 3, 4, 20 years ago and never got it, we offer this ... class for them to come in to learn more about managing their diabetes," explained program coordinator Darcy Reid. "It's about healthy lifestyle changes."

Reid explained during the four weeks, clients meet and discuss topics such as portion control, weight loss, and carb counting.

"For the first week we get their weight, and it's really kind of motivating for people to see every week that 'Oh, I've lost a pound' or 'I've lost two pounds' or 'Wow, five pounds' or whatever," said Reid. "It's just a motivator and they can see that this really does work when they apply these things."

The class also tries to clear up any myths diabetics may have heard, and help them to understand what is happening with their body.

"We might have one or two people in the class that have type I and the majority of them are type II," Reid explained. "We can talk about the differences between the diabetes."

"People with type I diabetes, that's where there's insulin deficiency," she added. "There's no insulin production at all and they have to take insulin injections. Type I people tend to be much leaner."

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