TV crew investigates fort

TICONDEROGA - Fort Ticonderoga was recently visited by The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) who investigated the museum's long history of ghost stories for the Syfy channel series Ghost Hunters.

In the series the paranormal investigators from TAPS visit sites with stories of paranormal phenomenon to learn about the site's history and investigate the alleged unexplained activity. Their approach is to experience the activity first-hand and, whenever possible, collect hard evidence related to the claims.

After an investigation, personal experiences and data are reviewed with the aim of first seeking natural or logical explanations for alleged phenomena. Only when such an explanation can not be determined are alternate explanations in the paranormal realm suggested.

However, according to TAPS founder Jason Hawes, paranormal simply means above normal and that it does not necessarily mean that a place is haunted if a rational explanation for an unusual occurrence can not be determined.

Fort Ticonderoga's stories of unusual phenomena and unexplained occurrences have been reported for decades, but only in recent years has staff systematically collected and documented these stories.

After more than a week of work the TAPS and production crews finished the investigation and filming of the fort and grounds on Nov. 17.

The TAPS and production crew alike were a great group of people to work with, fort officials said.

"We were very pleased to welcome them to Fort Ticonderoga and I was extremely impressed by the professional approach to their work and sensitivity to the site's history, museum and grounds" said Fort Ticonderoga's Curator of Collections Christopher D. Fox. "The work was exhausting for everyone and we can not comment on the results of the investigation prior to the program airing in 2010."

According to Jim Dugan, supervising producer for Ghost Hunters, "Fort Ticonderoga is a stunning location and it is going to be a great show."

The Fort Ticonderoga episode of Ghost Hunters will air early in the show's sixth season scheduled to begin next February.

The fort opens for its 2010 season on May 20 and the King's Garden will begin its season June 1. For additional information on upcoming programs and events see the website www.FortTiconderoga.org.

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