The audacity of ordinary

Being interviewed on the local "Quote Me" news show, this guy Matt Dunne who's trying for the governor's seat, did not refer to the public at large as "ordinary." I appreciate that, Mr. Dunne. You'll get a look-see from me on that count alone. I can't remember Brian Dubie using the word "ordinary" when describing any of Vermont's inhabitants either. Personally, I think Brian Dubie's first rate.

Many times I've heard our good ol' feller President Obama- who in my opinion is one gol darn unbelievably, freakishly, fantastically gifted communicator-in ways that not only benefit millions, but very often benefits only himself, refer to Americans as "ordinary."

I've also heard the hardest working politician I know, Sen. Bernie Sanders (not concrete pouring work hard working, I mean political work hard working) use the word "ordinary" when describing certain segments of the populous. They've both inserted the word "average" in place of "ordinary," or better yet combined the two. They've said and I'm paraphrasing; "This isn't about helping folks like myself and those who work in Washington, this is about helping ordinary people, average Americans, who get up and work forty or fifty hours a week and can still barely feed their families." Ah, ya wanna... ya wanna read that back, Barack, Bernie, and whoever else is a know-it-all politician?

You have got to be kidding me? Ordinary? Average? Are you folks high on somethin'? You're all hundreds of times smarter than I am, but I'm not so simple as to ever utter, "This (my comedy show) is not about making folks like myself laugh, it's about making ordinary people, average folks, who get up and work 40 to 50 hours a week laugh."

You politicians kill me sometimes. You actually-often-refer to us folks as ordinary and average. I appreciate the entertainment you all provide my ordinary ass.

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