Essex 11/14

Hey everybody; want an inexpensive Christmas present? Well, the Essex multi-color calendar is now on sale at the Essex Town Hall and Willsboro Pharmacy.

Well, while the Crown Point Bridge closing was a disaster, wait 'til you see the latest rescue plan. Now we hear that there will be two ferry boats sent to the bridge location to use boat launch sites in NY & VT (the VT site will need new roads and a curve to by-pass the french fry machine at the Bridge Eatery). Clearly the two States will have to spend a great deal of money to make these launch sites feasible. You can't convince me that once Vermont and NY spend all that money that they will bother to repair the bridge. We all will be stuck with a pay as you go ferry system. Now, not to complicate matters, but where will NY get this construction money? Remember, our comptroller said NY used up its construction money for non-transportation purposes.

In ad nauseam, the lake freezes over at those bridge sites very early in the winter, and when this happens the ferries won't be able to swim on down to the sites. Does anyone, in their right minds expect the states to move in less than three months? For instance, what about SHIPO review requirements of VT & NY. In fact, I believe that the State of NY won't get all permits in time from NY's SHIPO in time for the State DOT to start construction before the freeze. Bizarre, eh?

Hats off to the people de-erecting the plethora of political signs on Nov. 4! I saw Henry Hommes taking down his own signs, the family at the Cemetery taking their sign down after midnight, and Pretty taking down his "Vote for Briggs" sign.

So sorry to hear about Vicky Kirby. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends in Essex. Let's not forget to say a prayer for both of the surviving veterans of Armistice Day. Also, remember that Nov. 11 is also Veterans Day, so named to commemorate the wars to end all wars; except for the last four and the next one soon to arrive.

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