Warrensburg election fallout: behind the scenes

The election in Warrensburg is now history, and the campaigns, up to the last minute, had some surprising twists and turns.

First of all, it was interesting that Kevin Geraghty won his supervisor post back on a Conservative line in a staunchly Republican town. Geraghty had lost the G.O.P Primary to challenger Maynard Baker by a substantial margin.

Routinely, it's difficult in a November general election to reverse the results of a Primary because so many of the voters, particularly the elder ones, pull down all the levers on the G.O.P. line. Plus, the Conservative and independent party candidates are scattered on the page below, down near the Communist and Worker party levers - questionable company, to be sure. Such ballot placement taints a candidate, regardless if he or she is absolutely patriotic and mainstream. Many Republican candidates have tried to overcome this disadvantage after losing a Primary, but failed.

Apparently Geraghty's strength with the independent voters and Democrats helped boost his tally Tuesday.

But I also think the flak over the Baker-Rounds advertisement in the Adirondack Journal, falsely accusing DPW chief Rick Galusha of misconduct, backfired badly for Baker and Rounds.

It not only reflected poor ethical judgement by whoever placed it, but it showed a lack of political leadership. Even if Baker and Rounds didn't personally draft the ad, the public expected the two to take responsibility for it - but the two candidates indicated they weren't sure how the allegations got printed.

Next interesting twist:

Sometimes the things that almost happen are newsworthy enough to write about.

The false allegations prompted Don Bagwell to immediately get a large sign made that read: "Maynard and Bryan are Lying to You. Don't Vote for a Lie."

Bagwell was going to put the sign up at the corner of Library and James streets, near the polls at the Warrensburg Elementary School. Geraghty heard about Bagwell's plans, and asked him convincingly not to display the sign, because the sign might hurt his effort more than help it out.

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