Athol Thurman 11-14-09

Now in 2009 we're informed that we can not burn papers in our burning barrels? So what do we do, especially with cereal boxes, a weeks supply of junk mail, and newspapers, boxes from food products? We all have to buy extra garbage cans or build an outside fireplace and roast hot dogs often? What happened to the days when a big truck set in the Grand Union parking lot in Warrensburg and was being loaded with newspapers? Boy Scouts went around collecting these papers?

(Editor's Note: Such paper products should be recycled at the local landfill, according to state law, to save resources and save pollution. Burning inked or bleached paper products has been shown in scientific studies to release toxic dioxins, as does burning plastics, a practice that is illegal. The Boy Scouts do still occasionally collect paper products. Contact the Warrensburg troop leaders for details.)

Next is going to be our license plates, a mandatory replacement at $25 or more, I have some old yellow ones from the 1930s. Maybe we can change to them?

What do you foresee in our Adirondack future? Do not cut any trees? Do not have a wood burning stove, no cooking on barbecue grills, paint your last name on your roof for the convenience of helicopters, and your town will be run by state officials? I'm sure you can think of more.

Endorsements of local politicians?

When I first wrote for a newspaper I was advised to keep political opinions impartial and today when I see the Post-Star, I am shocked to see the editorial writers trying to sway the voters. By the way, my first writings were for a Cobleskill newspaper in the late 1950s. Is progress good?

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