Athol Thurman 11-14-09

Personal notes

A happy belated birthday wish across the miles to Evan Templeton who celebrated on Nov. 5. Evan is the crew chief on Chinook Helicopter. He recently extended his departure and volunteered for a third combat in Afghanistan, rather than getting out in the spring because he was worried and concerned about the others in his crew. He is the son of Andy Templeton of Dippikill and Missy Templeton of Mud St.

Thoughts, prayers, and get-well wishes are out to Pearl Cameron, Joe Mosher, Iva Hall, Doreen Cooper, Irene Lamphier, Grace Allen, and to all who have picked up the dreaded flu or a cold.

Halloween was a quiet event at the Kenyontown end of town. It was a very rainy day with a bitter, furious wind in the afternoon and evening. Residents sweet treats will last a while, as there were few Trick-or-Treaters venturing out for handouts.

Arnolds welcome new grand-baby

Congratulations to Lisa and Bill Arnold who will be doing a lot of baby sitting, we hear. This happy couple became grandparents to Aiden James, son of Rachel and Adam, on Sept. 28 and to Benjamin Kenneth, son of Ashley and Josh, on Oct. 28. This makes seven grandchildren for the proud Bowen Hill Rd grandparents.

What will be taken away next?

Many years ago we learned of freedom in the U.S.A. as we daily attended the one-room schoolhouses. Many of us were born and raised in this free North Country and as the years went by we took it for granted that things would stay the same. If our parents or grandparents needed to put up a small building for pigs, chickens or for an ice house. They did it or helped a neighbor build a barn.

Then as we got older and had our own home, and a few acres of land and never dreamed things would drastically change. Then the Adirondack Park Agency was put in place, and we needed permits to put up any pig pens or outhouses. The only thing that didn't change was the fact that taxes had to be paid. Those taxes on a 40-acre plot and home in Athol went from $2.58 to $2,500 per year in just several decades.

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