NCSPCA 11/07/09

November is here, bringing the first chill of impending winter and shorter days... but also the joys of holidays shared with loved ones and the enjoyment of autumn harvest. Thanksgiving, for many families, is a time to come together for turkey and ham, stuffing and pumpkin pie. You may be tempted to share your feast with your furry family members, but this practice may not be as kind as you might think.

Your pet's diet normally consists of commercially manufactured dog or cat food that is nutritionally balanced and is all they need for good nutrition. When owners feed table scraps, a companion animal's diet becomes unbalanced. Supplemental food added to an already balanced diet contributes to pet obesity - and when the supplemental food is foreign to their digestive systems (and contains many of the artificial elements required to make food taste good to humans), the result to companion animals is often gastrointestinal distress - vomiting or diarrhea. For pets who do not appear to get "tummy troubles" from these tasty treats, there are still behavioral consequences of sharing your food. Your pet may develop a habit of "begging" at the table. This can quickly develop into an annoying behavior that is difficult to eradicate. In truth, when we share our human food with our pets, we are satisfying our own emotional needs - to the detriment of their well-being. So keep those yummy leftovers for yourself, and offer your pet some quality cat or dog food for their supper!

Our featured pet this week is Rascal, a female Maine Coone/mix who is a beautiful glossy black. Maine Coones are known for their size, luxurious thick fur, intelligence, and loyalty, and this sweet lady lives up to her breed! She likes to greet visitors at the door and takes an interest in the goings-on around the house. She would rather have a lively conversation - and some playtime - with you than spend her day sleeping away in the sun. If you are looking for a frisky feline who is full of personality, you will want to meet Rascal.

If you have a big heart for pets but no extra room in your home, you might want to consider volunteering at our shelter to help in the daily care of our pets. Our animals always want attention, and the more interaction they have with people, the better their socialization skills will become. You will not only have the enjoyment of spending time with some great pets, but also increase their chances at adoption. Why not stop by and found out more today?

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