Essex 11/07/09

Well, I hope you all have enjoyed the respite from my column last week. But as Jack Nicholson said, "I'm Back."

Before I get rambling, congrats to the Belzile's for the fine job rehabilitating beat-up Barton House.

See where some "concerned citizens" were the only ones who did not enjoy my column two weeks ago. I promise never to try to be humorous ever again. Nyways, I certainly enjoyed the written response from them. I must take exception to the use of the word "Tirade," however, since a tirade is mostly verbal according to the Oxford. It seems that a tirade is protracted, vituperative, and intemperate, with a continuous amount of harsh condemnatory language over a long period of time and space, use of much censorious imagery and language, and characterized by extensive verbal abuse. I hardly think my one sentence qualifies for being vitriolic. In fact I consider my remarks to be intenerating in nature. What say you readers?

Now for some good news! The election is over and it is time for all of us to feel free of personificus umbrage and get ready to work together. I personally am so glad to be free at last, to paraphrase Martin Luther King.

By the by, this issue of the Valley News is catalogued as Nov. 7 and everyone, except former President Bushy, remembers the significance of that date. But, in a speech he gave at Pearl Harbor, he was quoted as saying "who can ever forget Oct. 7 that date of infancy?" Oh, speaking about politicians, I see where Dede's campaign literature included a picture of Newt Gingrich (he who is well named Heh) announcing his support. Just think she had to pay for that and it is my contention that the picture of a newt was the last mistake she made.

Thanks to the reader that sent me a survey from the Democrats. Next week, it gets the same treatment as the Republicans received. Now I don't know as I write this polemic the winners of local elections. I will tell you what "Tip" O'Neil, that grand political from Massachusetts once said whilst sipping brandy, to wit, "People get the politicians they deserve." My feelings about national elections are best summarized by that fine Southern philosopher, Rhett Butler, who succinctly said, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a xxxx."

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