The bedroom is no place to wrap presents

In a recent status update on my personal face book page I suggested there are two types of people, those who wrap gifts on the floor, and those who wrap on a table. I could have but didn't include the scant number of folks who must have been horribly mistreated when they were young, who wrap on the bed. I can see laying your gifts and wrapping paper on the bed, but to actually do the wrapping on the bed, nope, can't see it.

Of the thirty-eight initial (in ninety minutes) responses, fifteen said they wrap on the floor. One gal noted that she wraps Christmas presents on the floor, but for birthdays, all other holidays, or any other present wrapping occasions, she uses the table.

A handful of floor wrappers stated they're not sure why they wrap on the floor since they have multiple cats and dogs, which makes floor wrapping very difficult. One respondent wrote, "As long as the people receiving the gifts don't mind claw holes in the paper and animal hair on the scotch tape, floor wrapping still works best."

A lady said she wrapped on the floor mostly, and the bed some. Fact is, a total of five folks came through saying they wrap on the bed. I'll have to re-think my not including bed as an option in my Christmas present wrapping location survey. I'll still wonder though, if my theory that the bed is used for stacking gifts and wrapping materials is accurate, how can there be enough room to wrap on the bed? Must be bed-top present wrappers have huge beds, either to keep them a safe distance from there mates while they sleep, or the opposite, or to act as a playground -- a kind of grand love making mesa.

I might try wrapping on the bed this year, but I still feel even if it's one of those high falutent high beds, it'll be too low for me because I'm quite tall. I also need a hard surface when I wrap to use as a guide for the scissors as I cut. I don't feel a cushy comforter would provide enough resistance. Plus I'd end up cutting into the bed in some way shape or form. A bed just doesn't seem like it'll be hard enough, even a hard bed. Of bed wrapping I'll conclude, it beats, by large measure, bed wetting, but that's about it.

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