Incumbents prevail in Warren County elections

Geraghty said he was pleased to win, particularly because it was very difficult to win on an independent line in Warrensburg, a staunchly Republican town.

"Desite all the negative campaigning, people recognized that I've been doing a good job, and I appreciate it," Geraghty said. Geraghty, who shuns door-to-door campaigning, was up against Baker, who some say knocked on most every door in town.

"I didn't like some of Baker's strategies, but he's a consummate campaigner," Geraghty said late Tuesday night.

Too Close to Call in lake George

Competition was also heated in Lake George, where Councilman Frank McCoy, trained and anointed by retiring Supervisor Lou Tessier, garnered a slim 592- 584 margin over former Town Supervisor Dennis L. Dickinson (D), a professional engineer who campaigned to open up local government and make it more responsive.

McCoy had to overcome the allegations that he represented a continuation of a good-ole-boy network that maintained a stranglehold on local politics. With as many as 100 absentee ballots to count, the race is still undecided despite McCoy's margin.

For the town board seats, status quo was victorious in a five-way free-for-all.

Vincent Crocitto (R,Ic), seven-year councilman since 2002, 582 was on top, followed by Fran Heinrich (R) with 581 votes, who was promoted by the local G.O.P. power brokers. They were trailed by former Lake George Village Trustee Marisa Muratori with 421 votes. Muratori was known for her innovative solutions to issues, but may have been hampered by running under a Democratic label after not gaining the support of her Republican Party. Iconoclastic, straight-talk candidate George McGowan, who said the town government was run with secrecy and a dictatorial approach, netted 355 votes. Janie Green (D) trailed with 183 votes.

Independent Candidate Pitkin Wins in Thurman

In Thurman, new Supervisor Lawrence "Red" Pitkin (Ic.,I) defeated long-time assessor Thomas "Tuck" Birdsall (R), another straight-talking non-politician, in a vote of 212 to 163. Democratic candidate Randy Oppitz dropped out of the race last week, but he still received 13 votes.

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