NCSPCA 5/23/09

The NCSPCA often advocates about ways we can help homeless pets and improve the plight for abused and neglected animals - however, our pets offer as much in return as we can give them. The Humane Society lists some of the many benefits of pet ownership on their website, www.hsus.org. Below are listed some of the many ways in which our companion animals can help us, as much as we help them by providing a loving home.

1) Pets can help people - especially children - learn about responsibility, loyalty, empathy, sharing, and unconditional love. When we treat our pets following these simple rules, our pets will reciprocate and multiply our kind acts. 2) Pets have been used as "therapists" in some environments, such as nursing homes and hospitals, if they have been trained and are accustomed to being around many different people. 3) Service animals provide tangible benefits to people with physical, sensory, and even emotional disabilities. Dogs especially have been shown to be able to sense an oncoming seizure in a person with epilepsy and act in a helpful way. 4) Pet ownership can help combat depression and loneliness. Caring for a companion animal provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment on a daily basis.

Our featured pet this week is Hank, a six-month old Labrador Retriever-mix with a glossy black coat and golden fur around his neck and chin. As you can see from his photo, Hank is a perky fellow who can often be seen to be smiling with a happily wagging tail - in fact, when he is really excited, he wags his tail so hard that his whole behind wiggles! Hank has all the energy and enthusiasm of a young dog. Hank is a fast learner and loves people of all ages. He would be a great addition to a family with children.

If you are looking for a more mature dog, the NCSPCA also has adult dogs of all ages and sizes. You will definitely want to stop by the shelter at 23 Lakeshore Road in Westport to meet our canine crew!

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