Essex 5/23/09

Well,(3,953 ofem) now I don't know what any of you think about having to look at 62 pictures of realtors, insurance and car salesmen in the Want Ads section of the Repulsive, but they sure mess up things. For years I went to the want ads section first because they constituted the best writing in the paper. Now, because of those pictures, you can't find a want ad without looking at 62 narcissists all smiling because they know they will soon be "doin" you. Will someone explain to me why a salesperson with 25 years of experience means anything of value? Also, why does anyone need a salesperson to buy anything anyways?

Now for some reel news. The Goff boys, Mitchell, Mathew, Jonathon, and Joseph, those four talented musicians and fans of Grandma Norma, are playing another of their concerts using piano, violin, and Jell-O at the Essex Community Church on May 28 at 7 p.m. They play a wide range of popular classical pieces, but not Cement Mixer, Putsie Putsie & Flat Foot Floozy with a Floy Floy. Now you must come and bring your kids, but promise not to go back home and say, "See you could play like that if you would practice." They're not only great looking but they play with outstanding talent. Very soon, you will have to pay big bucks to hear them. A pot luck luncheon celebrating Sid Couchey's 90th birthday will be held about 11:30 after the 10:15 church service on his birthday, May 24. Don't sneak in without bringing a pot with you.

Speaking of cement mixers, I see where the stone roads alongside the Hill in the Burg have so much use that they now are sprouting crops. I assume they are bio degradable, pesticide free, and organic.

Before I forget, special thanks to Vicky Putnam's family for the loan of an original painting of Sid's to the Willsboro Heritage Center. See, people do read my column. Also thanks to Dianne Lansing's, Valley News Essex Emeritus Columnist, loan of her father's, (Ray Bender) collection of buck rake pictures.

Finally, Essex people were saddened to learn that Ruth Couchey's sister Kathy Holton has passed away. Everyone who ever met Kathy fell in love with her. Remember, "Put the candle back."

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