Kids in the Woods

While only a few local towns can boast of a public gym, our natural playing fields are vast. Though pumping iron or participating in an aerobics class will surely burn calories, there is no substitute for recreating in the outdoors.

The fresh air, clean waters and green spaces provide a safe, healthy and interesting environment that is ideally suited for exercise. And often, exercise is simply a secondary benefit to the actual pursuit

In order to lose one pound of weight, a person must burn approximately 3,500 more calories than they consume. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention lists the following as the top four activities for calories burned per hour of activity.

Topping the list is chopping and splitting wood, which is not really anyone's ideal choice for a recreational pursuit. This is followed by boxing, cross country skiing and swimming.

Some of the more common outdoor recreational pursuits which are ranked according to calories burned per hour of activity include: Canoeing (2 mph)--255 , Kayaking--285, Hunting--285, Hiking--338, Backpacking--398, Rock Climbing--622 and Mountain Biking--480.

New York Children's Bill of Rights

Following the lead of several states, including California, Maryland, South Carolina and Connecticut; the Child and Nature Network of New York is currently working on the development of a New York Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights California was the first state in the nation to propose a Children's Bill of Right as a result of rising concerns about youth detachment from outdoor activities, lack of physical exercise and increased health risks. California's Bill of Rights stated Mission is to encourage California's children to participate in outdoor recreational activities and discover their heritage. The bill's Objective is that every child in California, by the completion of their 14th year, will have the opportunity to experience each of the activities listed within the California Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights. The bill was promptly passed by state legislators and signed into law by Gov. Schwarzenegger.

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