Tiki Resort to host fans of Polynesian-pop ambiance

Tiki Resort sales manager Sandy Carr, stressing the new amenities of her hotel, said she was surprised but pleased to hear that a group was so interested in the Eisenhower-era Polynesian atmosphere that still prevails at the Tiki.

"I didn't know there were people out there that were this interested in tiki stuff," she said. "It's okay with me - if they want it, we've got it!"

She said Sullivan and his advance crew were excited about the carved Polynesian canoe hanging from the lounge ceiling, the bamboo chairs, carved wooden masks and statues and Polynesian-themed murals of the resort.

The Tiki Resort's dinner show, "Pearl of Paradise," features traditional flaming torches and swords, Polynesian music and South Pacific hula dances brought to life by Samoan performers in spectacular costumes, Carr said.

"It's a performance of native pageantry that's been going on for 16 years," she said. For about 30 years prior at the Tiki, Kaena Loo and Hurricane Hattie headlined a show featuring Hawaiian performers.

For the fraternity's Ohana festival in mid-September, five Polynesian bands will be brought in from all over the country to perform, and a special Polynesian menu will be prepared, Sullivan said. The event participants will each receive a custom-created hurricane glass reproducing the glassware that Charlie Wood designed in the early 1960s when he opened the Tiki Resort. Proceeds from the Ohana fest will go to preserve the statues on Easter Island, he said.

Sullivan said he now has bookings from tiki-philes from Oregon, California, Texas, Florida - and a contingent from Columbus, Ohio who are still mourning the destruction of the famed Kahiki Supper Club there. The legendary club, featuring extensive Polynesian floor shows, was bulldozed in 2000 for a Walgreen's chain pharmacy.

Sullivan's Moai fraternity occasionally conducts regional mini-tours to tiki-themed restaurants, but nothing compares to Lake George's Tiki Resort, he said.

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