Tiki Resort to host fans of Polynesian-pop ambiance

LAKE GEORGE - While some resort destinations with contemporary architecture are looking remarkably similar, Lake George has a remarkable number of buildings and attractions from the 1950s and 1960s that are now apparently prompting tourism.

People from all over the nation - and some from Europe - are now booking rooms for a September weekend at the Tiki Resort in Lake George to bathe in the retro experience that apparently now draws some to Lake George.

The event, named "Ohana - Luau at the Lake," is sponsored by an internet-based fraternity of Polynesian-theme nostalgia buffs, society leader Mike Sullivan of Connecticut said this week.

"The Tiki Resort in Lake George is the last of it's kind in the U.S., and we're really excited to visit and experience that Tiki aesthetic," said Sullivan, who launched the Fraternal Order of Moai. This co-ed group, 300 strong, celebrates the Polynesian-pop aesthetic. He said his group members, most in their 30s and early 40s, revel in the Sputnik-era Polynesian trappings of the Tiki Resort.

"We conducted a tour to Lake George last October, and we were just 'blown away,'" he said. "The Resort's big wooden A-frame architecture with a carport, the tiki statues and faux palm trees and the Polynesian dinner show - between the joint and the village, the place was just too perfect. Even in Las Vegas, there is nothing that even comes close."

The weird, diverse ambiance of Lake George, which includes "googie" architecture of pseudo-futuristic kitschy neon, glass-and-steel motels and coffee shops of the 1950s, also impressed the bus-load of nostalgia buffs in October, he said.

"With those Eisenhower-era motels, the tourist cottages and even that teepee, it was like driving back in time."

Sullivan said the Tiki Resort was the only mid-century Polynesian themed hotel with a dinner show review still in operation.

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