Essex 5/9/09

Does anyone out there have an original Champy painting, sketch, etc? Darcy Hale tells me that the Willsboro Heritage Society is having a special exhibit featuring the Champies of local artisans including Sir Couchey's Champy works. They need a couple more to complete the showing. If anyone has one, how about loaning it for the show? It will be more secure than Boston's Gardner Museum and everyone will think you're a great person. Please call Cory Gillilland at 963-4677 and help your museum have another great showing. The loan of any of Champy item is tax deductible. Oh, I will publishe your name, but if I find out you have one and don't loan it, I will ridicule you in my column for 234 weeks.

I took a trip down last century's Memory Lane with Grace Macleod, who was talking about going to Norma Caulkins house (the big Brick house on the corner of School and Elm streets) to walk with Norma to Choir practice. See, even about 70-plus years ago Grace was rounding people up to go to choir practice.

Anyways, Norma's mother told Grace that Norma (see we had Essex Norma's in those days too) her daughter had just finished washing her hair and could not go outside cause it was too cold for anyone with wet hair to be out. No hair dryer in those days, so off went Grace, when after a while she heard a clickity click clicking sound behind her. Turning around, it was kinda scary after all and dark, she saw Norma running after her with icicles in her hair. banging together. Some cold in those days, eh? Now, be warned. Whatever you do, don't ask Jackie about the week's forthcoming "Mame" Musical at the Willsboro HS.

Also, get a certain stringer to give you full accounts of the toe to mandible fight with rapacious wasps. In DNC news, we are taking up a collection to buy some ink for Darren's credit card printer so we can read our bills without Amanda holding them up to light bulbs. Other customers wishing to donate to the DNC's Buy Darren Ink Fund may send contributions to; Republican 20th District Candidate Selection Cabal, Box IQ83, 2988 Iggorant Way, Stupeville, NY 12345.

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