North Country SPCA 5/9/09

Have you thought about buying a purebred cat or dog? You may want to reconsider. Unless you are planning to breed or show your pet, there are many advantages to adopting a mixed breed. In an online article, Kristie Leong, MD identifies some of these.

There is evidence from research that mixed breed dogs (and presumably, cats) live longer lives and fewer health problems when compared to their purebred counterparts. This is because they're not inbred like pedigrees often are. Mixed breed dogs have also been shown to be more intelligent, worldly, and savvy with lots of common sense and street smarts. Also, unlike purebred pets, mixed-breed animals are truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Finally, irresponsible breeding of purebred pets has led to overpopulation. When you adopt a mixed breed dog from a shelter not only are you reducing the number of homeless pets, you'll get a dog that's already spayed or neutered in most cases. You'll have a positive impact on the continuing problem of pet overpopulation and production.

This week's featured pet is Cocoa, a sweet chocolate Labrador Retriever whose owner, going through medical issues, was forced to give him up. Cocoa's wonderful personality and gentleness with people of all ages is an indicator that he was loved and treated well. Cocoa is here with his brother B.B. King. They are both highly intelligent and loyal dogs who would adapt well to any family. You can visit him online at the Petfinder link through www.ncspca.org. Even better, come meet him in person!

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