Exploring the final frontier

Any future astronauts landing on Pluto will stand on the frontier of the solar system. They will see the planet's cratered moon Charon looming large in the sky. Inward, toward the Sun, our feeble home star will appear much like Venus does from Earth. There will be no warmth from its rays. Outward, the explorers will gaze into an immense gulf of interstellar space.

Congratulations to Seeing Stars' new class of "Space Cadets"-those readers who got 100 percent on last week's space quiz: Jeff Demand, Joe Monkofsky, Bill Wargo, Mary Deam and Karlie Shipman. Thanks to all the readers who responded. The answers are: 1. ) B, 2.) A, 3.) A , 4.) A, 5.) B, 6.) C, 7. ) B, 8.) B, 9.) C, 10.) B, 11.)A, 12.) A, 13.) B, 14.) A, 15.) A, 16.)A.

Lou Varricchio, M.Sc. lives in Vermont. He is a former NASA science writer and is Vermont's NASA/JPL solar system ambassador. Interested in a presentation about space topics at your school or organization? Call Varricchio at 802-388-6397 or e-mail him at: lou.varricchio@verizon.net.

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