What can someone your age do to help the Earth?

Sam Richards, Kindergarten, JCS

Mrs. Osterhout

I can plant trees in the back yard.

Jamie Sabattis, Kindergarten, JCS

Mrs. Urbonowiez

I can clean up the garbage from the road and the river. I can use a stick to get the garbage out of the water and put it in a garbage can.

Billy Cameron, First Grade, JCS

Ms. Butler

I could help the Earth by not cutting down all the trees. I want to clean the water because people and animals would die.

Matt Richards, First Grade, JCS

Ms. Butler

I could help the Earth by cleaning. My room is sometimes messy. I will keep the Earth clean.

Marianna Baker, Second Grade, JCS

Mrs. Knickerbocker

I can recycle cans. I can clean our town. I can pick up garbage laying around. Kids my age can plant trees. I can plant flowers to help out Earth.

Nathaniel Hopkins, Second Grade, JCS

Mrs. Knickerbocker

My friend Austin and I are 7 years old. We can help the Earth by cleaning up garbage from the dirtiest river. Also, I can plant apple trees.

Matthew Olden, Second Grade, JCS

Mrs. Sherwood

We can clean the Earth. I think people should plant new trees. People should recycle trash like tin cans and glass bottles.

Bartek Malikowski, Third Grade, JCS

Mrs. McKenna

By recycling cans, bottles and other stuff that can be re-used. Then the Earth would be a lot cleaner.

Victoria Bradway, Third Grade, JCS

Mrs. Watson

Earth Day is April 22. Something we can all do to help the Earth is recycle or pick up trash along the road. Picking up trash is helpful to the Earth because it is good to pick up trash. Recycling is good too because it makes glass or plastic into new things.

Savanna Berg, Fourth Grade, JCS

Mrs. Morris

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