Westport 5/2/09

Hey, how about this last week or so? Green is back! Green is busting out all over. Grass is poking up, trees are budding, daffodils are in full bloom, tulips are revving up. Green is the new brown.

OK, so spring tends to bring out the cliches-but, after all, cliches exist for a reason. They often reflect some pretty powerful truths, one of which is that spring is absolutely, flabbergastingly, amazingly, unutterably wonderful.

So celebrate! Grab a rake! Swat a black fly! Sit out in the sun! Walk in the woods, check out the stunning wildflowers, and poke around for the last, dwindling snowbanks squatting in the dark under a big, low-hanging bough. You've earned it.

Away with boots, mittens, scarves, hats. Out with sneakers, sandals, shorts, outdoor furniture, grills. All the firsts: first time sitting out in the sun, first dog walk in shorts and tee-shirt, first bike ride.

Put the snow shovel away. Rake the yard. Mop the porch-always a big event in my life, traditionally happening on the first warm day of April. Throw away the holed, tattered insulated gloves and go buy a the year's first thin ones at Aubuchon. Swear that this year, it's going to be different. This year, I'll clear all that brush, weed all those weeds, keep ahead of the phenomenal growth.

And of course, ice cream. I saw that Robin Severance has that excellent soft-serve sign out at Adams Hardware. And Me and My Girls opened with some delicious tasty treats of their own last week. Congratulations to Marcia Wright and her crew, who have done such an outstanding job on the decor. It's going to be so good to have a restaurant back in that time-honored spot on Main Street.

Spring also means the Fish & Game Club's Annual Fishing Contest, which is on Saturday, May 9 this year. Registration begins at 10:30 a.m. and fishing starts at 11 a.m., with lunch at noon. Prizes and trophies will be awarded to the different age groups: 3-6, 7-11, and 11-14. This is a really fun way to spend a day outdoors with your kids.

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