Mock crash drives home message

School Records Officer Edie Bartlett watched the bloody drama progress. For years, she's informally counseled students at WCS, helping them deal with life's troubles, big and small.

"This is happened in real life here too many times," she said.

Principal Doug Duell turned to the students as seemingly lifeless, blood-soaked bodies were being rushed into ambulances and a helicopter.

"Hopefully you will decide not to drink and drive," he said.

"This is so realistic, it's outrageous, Roth muttered as she was wheeled away to an awaiting helicopter.

McFarlane told the assembled students that Roth wouldn't survive the helicopter trip, because her injuries were too severe.

Chris Carlson, a Senior, watched the medical emergency responders from Warrensburg, North Warren and Lake George at work, tending to the mock carnage.

"Its definitely enlightening to see all this shocking stuff," he said.

Later, Warrensburg Emergency Squad Captain Stephen Emerson cleared up equipment left on the scene as students went back to classes.

"This was a very useful training exercise for us," he said. "If we save just one life, we've made a difference."

Warrensburg students had their prom Saturday without without any notable incident, authorities said.

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