Long Lake Town Board unsure

LONG LAKE - In a rare governmental move, the Long Lake town board declined to vote on a resolution April 22 - essentially tabling the matter at hand indefinitely.

After a lengthy presentation by Raquette Lake resident Nancy Grosselfinger, the board couldn't even garner a second on a motion to vote on the issue. Thus, no vote ever occurred.

"It appears the board has no interest in being the lead agency for the proposed grant application," Long Lake Supervisor Gregg Wallace said. "Why we would even be involved in this issue is a mystery to me."

Grosselfinger asked the board to be the lead agency for a $28,500 New York State grant through the Office for the Aging. The grant - titled Age in Place - is an age qualified planning grant meant to empower the elderly in dealing with quality of life issues in their community.

Grosselfinger said that the privately-owned water system that supplies the Antler's community in Raquette Lake, was sub-standard and requires re-engineering.

However, the town's role in the process baffled officials.

"Is there even a community that will be aging in place?" asked town attorney Carl Ferrentino. "I just don't see why the town would be involved with this - it's apples and oranges."

Board members - one of whom, Dean Pole recused himself because he is the owner of the water supplier in question - said that the Antlers community is primarily occupied by summer residents, instead of year - round residents.

This fact is antithetical to aging in place, officials said.

"If there was a ground-swell of residents who petitioned the town there are mechanisms to take over the business," Ferrentino said. "But they would have to be willing to pay water district taxes, whether or not they are part of the system."

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