Local educator heading to Honduras for study tour

"Because I have my hands in so many domains of the school, there's a merit of ways in which I can reach the students."

Carter also knows the trip will allow her to witness the villages sustainable development first-hand."

Sustainability is something Carter is also striving for in the school.

"A couple years ago I formed an environmental club which I call the Sustainability and Stewardship Council," she explained. "That's a group of interested students that are interested in making some changes as it relates to our impact on the environment."

The first goal the club had was to determine the school's carbon footprint, or the amount of greenhouse gases they cause. Because NSA is largely involved in sports, it was no surprise to Carter their carbon footprint was rather large.

"We have two hockey teams that travel all over the North East," she explained."We have these big huge busses. We have these ski jumpers that travel to norway. So it's pretty large. But we're a small school, so in comparison, when you add it all up, it's not as significant as you think it would be.

To offset their carbon emissions, the club began working to make their school as green as possible.

"I'm really about action," Carter said. "I want to get my kids involved in making the school a more greener place. I don't want to just stand up here and teach; I want them to be a part of the social change and be part of the solution."

So far, over the past two years, the 10-12 students involved in the club have raised vegetables in a community garden, begun a no-plastic bottle campaign and created a composting program.

Currently the group is working on doing an energy audit and buying carbon credit.

"For Earth Day this year, we're offsetting our carbon emissions," Carter said. "We're buying carbon credit from the adirondack council, so we can offset our carbon emissions.

Carter's plan is to buy a couple carbon credits, which cost around $25 a piece, and offset three tons of carbon.

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