Johnsburg Central School 3rd Quarter Honor Rolls

Grade 12

High Honor - Hannah Jay, Max Pepper and Martina Svrchek.

Honor - Karesha Brown, Aurora Burgess, Meredith Cunningham, Lacey Galusha, Joshua Harvey, Brittany Henry, Amber Hocter, Ashley LaVergne, Nicholas McCarroll, Tyler Morse, Megan Nevins, Allison Ordway, Katelyn Owens, Shelby Powell, Patrick Prouty, Kelly Sherman, Stephen A. Sherrick, Samantha Shook, Chelsea Smith, Thomas Volcheck and Brittany West.

Grade 11

High Honor - Kelsey Williford.

Honor - Brittney Allard, Kelly Blackhurst, Adelaide Bruce, Keri Cleveland, Kelsey Cottone, Cory Gazaille, Darren Goodspeed, Ayla Homer, Lynn Mosher, Holly Osowiecki, Calli Powell, John Thissell, Margaret Welz and Morgan Wilson.

Grade 10

High Honor - Kendyl Morse and Stephanie Ovitt.

Honor - Jesse Allen, Kevin Conner, Kaitlin Denno, Caleb Eick, Cortina Greene, Matthew Henry, Adam Hill, Benjamin Richards, Evan Richards, Andrew Veldman, Dylan Wolfe and Meltem Zeybek.

Grade 9

High Honor - Chelsea Gazaille, Emily Liebelt, Ashley Loomis and Meghan Sponable.

Honor - Moriah Amadeo, Emily Davis, Martin Fahy, Sierra Galusha, Liam Harrison, Matthew Hayden, Alistair McKee, Katelyn Ouellette, Kayla Tyrel, Jillian Urbonowicz and Emily Walter.

Grade 8

High Honor - Mikayla Glode , Lydia Knickerbocker, Shannon Ovitt and Kayla Williford.

Honor - Ethan Cooper, Colleen Fuller, Shea Homer, Jonathan Ordway and Thomas Wilson.

Grade 7

High Honor - Cassandra Kranick.

Honor - Mariah Frasier, Kora Millington, Dylan Moore, Alexis West and Shiloh Wood.

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