Hundreds walk to stop under-age drinking

"It's like a pyramid," said Tibbitts. "You get a couple of kids and they tell their friends, then they tell their friends, and so on until you get the idea out that not every kid goes out and drinks."

Many students took an active role in the rally, including Newcomb seventh graders Caitlyn Yandon, Nicole Bohannon, Peyton Gould, and Becca Marra, who performed a rap about under-age drinking.

"We wanted to do something different and get a lot of people excited," said Yandon, "I think it's a really good cause. It's important to let people know about it."

James, too, was encouraged by the well-attended event and hopeful that the strong community effort would influence youth in a positive way.

"The sad thing is these kids are probably not the ones we need to talk to," said James, "but maybe they can bring it back to their friends. If we can save one kid's life, then it's a positive."

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