Trout Season Approaches

Although trout season officially opens on April 1, the most important date for brook trout anglers to focus on is April 22. This is the average date over the past fifteen years that Rich Lake, located in Newcomb, finally sheds it's ice. Rich Lake is considered a reliable gauge for most local waters.

While some waters may open up sooner; the third weekend in April is the typical date that anglers can expect to find open water in the Adirondacks. Ice out may not occurs on ponds in the higher elevations until early May.

With a mix of warm days and chilly nights, the early season will continue to offer sporadic snow, wind and occasional rain. Spring isn't officially sealed until lakes and ponds finally 'ice out.'

The month's full moon, which often triggers the first run of smelt, falls on April 9. Suckers and numerous other bait fish species will begin their sI believe that most brook trout anglers suffer through several distinct stages of existence before their rod is quivering with the first fish of the new season on the line. As ice out approaches, they'll shiver with the enthusiasm of a trout attempting to throw a hook.

Approaching the new season

I await the arrival of open water with enthusiasm equal to a kid on Christmas morning. My adrenaline flows like sap from a maple in the early stages of the season. This stage is about anticipation, it's a period of waiting, watching and wondering. I'm forever listening for the loon's first call to announce open water.

I satisfy my early season cravings through the preparation stage; studying maps, talking to friends and seeking information from a variety of sources. Encompassed within the Blueline are over 30,000 miles of rivers and streams and some 11,101 lakes and ponds that are over one acre in size.

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