Willsboro 3-28

We have one very grateful local family that a local man, Sam Blanchard, was most observant this past week, as he witnessed two young boys that had ventured out on to the not so safe Boquet River ice. He was able to come around where they were and made sure that they got off the ice safely, so for that family he was a hero. The river has now gone out safely with no flood problems, great to see that most of our snow is now melted.

Rita Benedict and Dotty Dodds after two tries did get to spend a pleasant two weeks in Floridaand have now returned home. We are very proud of one of our local students, Austin Ferris, who worked his way up in the Geography Bee Contest he will now go to compete on the State level on April 3d. Congratulations Austin, do us proud. I am very grateful for our local Ambulance service, as a sudden health condition forced me to make use of it this past week. The crew was quick and very efficient in delivering me to the emergency room at the CVPH hospital in record time in the early morning hours. Here again I am grateful for the services the hospital provides to us when we are in a health crisis. So I got to spend a few more days in the hospital and many thanks to all my well wishers and a very supportive family I am now back home.

Those that have been away for a number of weeks will notice some changes when they return. The old Harold Marshall house is being reinvaded and there is some new construction is going on down below the house near the River's edge. Here on Mountain View Drive the old green Adams trailer has now been torn down and drawn away, a new open space is now at that site.

Happy Birthday: Ann Choate 3/30, Tracie Gay 3/30, Robert McVicker 3/31,Carson Sayward4/2, Ashley Whalen 4/1, Ella Mero 4/4.

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