New editor asks for community input

Being my first editorial as editor of the News Enterprise, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and propose my current vision for future of the newspaper to you, the readership.

Academically, my background is in anthropology and philosophy. I have worked on numerous archaeological sites and in several research laboratories- strattling that fine line between the 'hard' sciences and the 'soft'.

Over the last year I have been writing for the Adirondack Journal, covering county-wide politics and feature news under the incredible toutalage of the venerable Thom Randall..

After returning from graduate study in New Mexico, I knew that I wanted to continue a family tradition and make a life surrounded by the omnipotent beauty of the Adirondack Park. In very few western locations can the human primate so closely interact with its evolutionary cousins.

In combination with some genetic predispositions, this background has largely defined my fascination with people and the institutions which they create and function within. No other species has created such complex systems of relationships and associations. But it is important to remember that the goals of these institutions are typically derivative of our biological heritage- we are after all a social species.

The fascinating socio-economic experiment that defines the park itself is certainly one of the most unique circumstances which I have ever witnessed. The push/pull between regulation and the search of economic viability is all-encompassing here- defining our politics, policy and methods of subsistence.

Honestly, how many people can say the live in a museum - so vast and grand that Thoreau himself would be jealous?

As for the paper, I have two goals. The first is that I want to produce viable and compelling news coverage that touches on the often vague nuances of any given issue. This will require me to find a balance between the 'hard' news and features.

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