Coyotes, eagles: 1 Adk deer herd: -1

Robert Tannenberger sent some really cool photos to me this week of a deer that met an unfortunate demise on the ice of Lake Champlain. Two coyotes had chased the deer nearly a mile out on the ice of Westport Bay March 10 before killing it. A host of carnivores then took advantage of the free meal - including a group of Bald Eagles which he photographed from afar.

"Over the course of the day, eagles started showing up as the coyotes feasted," Tannenberger said. "After about five or six gathered, they drove the coyotes off and took over."

Tannenberger said it was difficult to determine just how many eagles turned out to dine, but he estimated there could have been as many as 20.

"I'd really like to have someone with birding experience to look at the pictures to confirm how many of the birds are eagles," he said. "Some could have been hawks or crows, or juvenile eagles."

While the photographs he snapped were a bit too far away to reproduce in the paper, I would be glad to share them with anyone interested and pass on the information to Robert. Simply e-mail me at johng@denpubs.com and I'll pass it along.

This is the second report I've received of a deer chased down and killed this winter on Westport Bay. You have to feel for the deer when something like ice tips the odds in the coyote's favor. They might be able to fly through the forest on their little hooves, but they flail on hard surfaces like ice and pavement.

Update on Howard Fuller's 17-pointer

Infamous Ticonderoga outdoorsman and marathoner Richard Johndrown - better know in hunting circles as SilverrrrrrrrrrrBulletttttttttttttt - dropped me a line to let me know he had the pleasure of scoring Howard Fuller's monster 17-pointer.

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