•100 Years Ago - March, 1909•

Stewart's wife Rhoda Kellogg, a daughter of Deacon Orson Kellogg died Jan. 24, 1895. The two were buried side-by-side in the Westside Cemetery. Four daughters survive them.

Life savings vanish - for a day

James Donnelly, an old man who is employed at the Warrensburgh Paper Mill, at Burnhamville, lost his pocketbook containing about $200 in currency. With the assistance of two men and a lantern he searched the roads nearly all night, but without result. The next day, the old gentleman was sitting in a chair by his woodstove and he spotted it underneath. Donnelly has now decided to keep his hard earned money in the Emerson Bank to avoid another possible nerve-wracking experience.

Husband's death prompts lawsuit

Josephine Dodge, of Malden, Mass., has filed papers in a suit against the town of North Hudson, in which she demands $100,000 in damages for the death of her husband, James E. Dodge on July 27, 1908. On that evening, Dodge, was headed in his automobile from Port Henry to his summer home in Moriah with two companions. In crossing Black Brook, the automobile plunged off the roadway and Mr. Dodge and Lockwood Reed, of Port Henry, were killed. The lawsuit alleges that the road was in a dangerous condition.

War sloop emerges from watery grave

One of the chief treasures that will form a part of the collection of historical relics of Fort Ticonderoga, once restored, will be a 90-foot British war sloop that was raised from the bottom of the lake near the old stone pier where it has lain for the past 132 years. The vessel was found by Mr. Pell and Alfred C. Bossom, the architect in charge of the restoration, while they were exploring the shore front. The soundings also revealed the outline of the stone pier where, in the old days, vessels of war were moored.

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