Essex 3-21-09

First, my too-lates for this week's column. The ladies of the Essex Methodist Church have changed their minds about their meeting dates. It will not be in the morning but in the afternoon unless they don't have it because of snow. Menawhile the Pot luck is scheduled for Wedesday not the evening of the afternoon meeting. I suggest anyone reading this will be at least two days late in getting there. In other schedule news, is it too late to report that two local women who are somehow related to Katherine Cross are now operating the Lewis Diner which was the former Betty Beavers Diner. She tells me the food is good so count on me being there in the next 10 days.

On the politics scene, what's going on with the personnel shake up at the Smith House? Most everyone in Essex is buzzing about it and are very upset. Now, will someone also tell me why the DA is upset about Joe Provoncha having too many jobs that he never asked for in the first place but is still doing his usual bang-up job. Is it because the DA's office is not getting all the cars they want? See where Tedisco is dropping faster in the election polls than a can of hot grease. No sympathy from this column since the Republican politicals decided that Betty Little was a shoe in for election so they switched to Tedisco to prove that its not only Democrats who can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

In cultural news, the Vesper service at the Essex Methodist Church was truly outstanding (I stayed awake throughout the whole service). MaryLu Kirsty, Russell Ames and Atea Ring were wonderful.

The DNC just finished a land survey of the farms located in Essex. Among our findings, Bill Perry had the largest amount of land under cultivation, and George Sayward farms in Essex and Willsboro came in a close second. They also led in the percentage of growing acreage as well.

The DNC may soon prepare an Essex Flail of Flame based on actual interviews with many Essex folk. Find this fluff of flaying for the Flail of Flame ferry futurish in the fear fluture.

Lastly, just finished my income tax returns by hand in 15 minutes while, after 2 hours, a tax preparation CD is still under way.

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