Local CFO blasts government bailouts

Eagle: How can that be?

Viscido: Well, most responsible people would not run their household budgets the way our government is responding to the crisis. President Obama and Congress are creating massive debt that will take generations to pay off which could reduce our nation's status in the world. In my judgement, it will weaken us as a country, and as a result, threaten our security. I've even heard of a Russian financial analyst who is advising his government not to deal with America. He's predicting our nation will break apart, as the Soviet Union did in the 1990s, within two years.

Eagle: This sounds discouraging. Who's to blame for this economic fiasco? Around Vermont there's a lot of Bush bashing. Even U.S. Sen. Pat Leahy is on a witch hunt for Bush.

Viscido: Politically, I consider myself independent. I want to hear all sides of an issue before I formulate an opinion. I believe that we get shamefully biased reporting from the left leaning, elite, media and furthermore, I believe their mission is to convince the folks that every problem our country is facing is Bush's fault. People seem to forget that our legislative branch of government writes the laws and regulations that govern our society. The last time I looked the Democrats have been controlling Congress for the past several years. Unfortunately, the media ignores this as being a factor in today's economic woes. There's plenty of blame to go around, from Congress to administrations going back to Carter's. They've all played a part in bad mortgages and other matters. I blame representatives, like Congressman Barney Frank (D. Mass.) who is the chairman of the finance committee that controls such laws and regulations, and others for precipitating the crisis, but they do not take any responsibility for the mess that we're in right now. They were more interested in social engineering than in fiscal responsibility. The enormous bills and tax increases become the burden of those of us who have conducted our affairs responsibly throughout our lives. There had been members in Congress who warned about the coming crisis, to their credit, and even Bush addressed the problem in 2007 and early 2008. He tried to deal with it as best he could last summer and in the fall. If you're intellectually honest, you can't dump this all on the former president.

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