Local artist to participate in international art exhibition

SARANAC - The world of art is something Kimberly G. Berg has found extends from the hills and hollows of Saranac across the globe.

Berg was recently invited to participate in the Florence Biennale, an international art exhibition to be held Dec. 5-13 in Florence, Italy. The invitation to the event - which is held every two years - was one Berg said he knew he didn't want to pass up.

"I was aware of the Biennale, but I had no idea that my work would even be considered," said Berg.

Representatives from Arte Studio, the organization which hosts the event, invited Berg to participate after seeing his Web site, www.isisrising.net, he said. Berg received an e-mail letting him know they liked what they saw, and with their compliments came the unexpected invitation.

"I was flattered," said Berg.

However, the high honor and prestige that comes with being a participant in the week-long exhibition, comes with a price. And, it comes in Euros.

"There is a fee to participate, and it's about 2,220 Euros plus tax, so it comes out to about 2,700 Euros. That translates into about $3,700," said Berg. "There's a lot of prestige involved, but it's not cheap."

Berg willfully wrote a check to the organization, though faced some initial trouble with the currency exchange rate, he said. The U.S. dollar, he said, is worth considerably less in Europe, and its value is continually fluctuating. However, Berg wrote a check for the fee based on recent conversion rates, and believes that cost of his trip, at least, is now taken care of.

"Now I have to figure out if I still owe some money or if they owe me money," he said, with a laugh.

The reason Berg decided to accept the once-in-a-lifetime invitation, he said, isn't merely for the event itself, but also what it represents.

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