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SCHROON LAKE - Students of Mountainside Christian Academy in Schroon Lake will participate in a math fair on Friday, March 27, hoping to raise enough money to start a farm for a family in need.

Some type of academic fair is held each year at MCA, usually history or science. For the first time ever, math will be the subject of the evening.

The purpose of the event is to perform and display a variety of math skills that the students in grades 5-12 have been learning. Students currently enrolled in math or economic courses have been given individual or group projects to be completed by the time of the fair.

In addition to the various math projects, Principal Conni Phillips has found a way to include a project with money in the fair as well, because it is so closely related to math.

An opportunity has risen to work with the Food for the Hungry Ministry, in which students will raise money by completing math problems for sponsors. The money raised will start a farm for a needy family in a foreign country.

One farm costs $70 to start with a fruit tree, a pig, and four rabbits, which provides a sufficient living for a family, according to Food for the Hungry Ministry.

In order to accomplish the goal of raising $70 to launch one farm, each student has been asked to obtain at least three sponsors. Resembling a marathon, each sponsor will pledge to donate a certain amount of money based on the number of designated math problems a student answers correctly.

Students in grades 5-8 will be assigned 10 problems a week and students in grades 9-12 will have three problems a week. The week before the fair, the number of correctly answered questions will be totaled up and the amount of money each donor owes will be calculated.

There will be graphs on display at the fair to show the success of the students' math and fundraising skills.

People who would like to contribute to the project in any way can contact the MCA administration at office@mountainsidechristianacademy.com

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