ANCA features craft wholesalers on-line

Both Bousquet and Korths agree the demand for local, hand-made goods is rising amidst a changing economy.

"That's the greatest advantage; that the people want to buy locally and buy quality items," said Bousque. "Hopefully it's a trend that will continue."

Korths said increasing shipping costs for Chinese goods have allowed locally-made crafts to compete better in wholesale markets. Also, a growing movement to buy local fruits and vegetables has translated to other regionally-made products.

"Farmers markets have become the latest place for craft people to bring their products," said Korths, "because they get to sell to people who are already committed to buying regionally."

This year's Buyer Days event is being held Wednesday, April 8 and Thursday, April 9 at the Saratoga Springs City Center. Roughly 100 exhibitors attend each year. Korths hopes the new on-line directory will give wholesalers even more incentive to participate.

"It's just an additional element of the show that can stand on its own and give business to everyone," she said.

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