Essex 3-14-09

The Irish Tenors will be bellowing in Saratoga on June 14 in behalf of the Red Cross which have offered me discount tickets at only $5,000 for a couple. Anyone wishing to join us can call me for prompt psychological treatment.

See where NY State is going to require new nurses to have a BS degree. Now we all know what the letters BS stands for don't we! We have heard many times that there is a serious nurse shortage so NY State Education Dept. has decided this is an opportune time to put a halt on trained nurses by adding two superfluous years of such vital nurse courses as History 307, Eng poetry 324, Home Ec. 392 and on and on. This whole affair stinks of colleges trying to get another two years of payments from students. Can anyone anywhere prove that a nurse with a BS degree with 20 unrelated courses is much more effective than one with a two year degree? What is the nurse's union doing about this other than rushing to get into a BS program?

Everyday life is full of surprises. The other day I had a pulphonious proto socio manic radicalitica experience followed by a deconstructed minipolylogical mignitic topshiganically induced reiteration of a myophicalitiacalnistic subtacascious detamand. Wow!

Then on Sunday, a day much like the ones I used to get working with congressmen, I met with Ruth Grove, a very high level, Rome based (Italy not NY) UN official visiting Willsboro on a fact finding mission to investigate "shovel ready" Stimulus Funding projects. I took her to the pothole infested, transmission destroying stretch we call "Willsboro Mountain." I successfully and without any effort managed to hit 13,548 of the potholes, including many that were not "shovel ready." We then stopped at the Gillilland house for tea and crumpets where we heard that NY DOT has promised to perform their annual double level of black paint repair job. Some of the potholes are so deep that unemployed North Country people facing foreclosures are planning to move in and set up housekeeping. She left us Monday to fly back to Rome much enlightened. "Awe River Duce", Ms. Grove.

See where "Tiger" Tedesco, the intrepid Republican Congressional, candidate couldn't answer why he didn't live in the election district (he could have call Donaldson for advice on that) or how he would have voted on the Stimulus Bill. Wow, he's just what we need, another waffling minority member of a minority Party.

Seen motoring around last week was Katherine Cross to Granddaughter Zo 's birthday party, 38 people to area churches, Ron Jackson to DC to yell at Congress reps and Wes Vanderhorst motoring to the DNC at a sedate 80 mph. No other motoring sightings reported.

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