The best Vermont apple cake receipe-ever!

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Internet sensation Facebook and how I feel there are both good and bad aspects to it, but that overall I think it's merit depends largely on how an individual chooses to use it.

One of the options Facebook gives you is the chance to update your status as many times as you'd like. They start you with: "Joe is ..." and you take it from there. "Joe is writing his weekly newspaper column," "Joe is happy his dog Lucy barfed on his shoes, not on his new iPhone."

Once you've updated your status, your friends can comment on it if they feel so inclined. Usually they'll try to make funny with their comments, someone might comment on Joe's barfing dog, "Ha, ha-apparently your dog thought your new iPhone would do better with the Kibbles and Bits APP."

In case you're not up on your tech lingo, "ha, ha" is what one writes to acknowledge a friend's attempt at humor, it is not meant as an acknowledgement the attempt was humorous. APP is short for an application you can add to your iPhone. Now, if you previously didn't know those terms, go back and read my status comment and see if it isn't kind of funny.

I like the status feature on Facebook, I update mine a couple times a day. In fact, I wrote a column because of an overwhelming reaction to one of my updates. That was my "Hair on Soap" column. I recently wrote an update where I mentioned I'd be baking an apple cake and that too got a large reaction from my Facebook friends, many of whom asked if I'd share the recipe. I could have posted it but I didn't want to keep it just to my Facebook family.

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