Looks like a very short honeymoon

U.S. President Barack Obama's popularity ratings have plummeted according to the latest Rasmussen Poll.

The highly accurate poll subtracts the 'strong dissapprovals' from the 'strong approvals' to get their net approval rating.

The week Barack Obama was sworn in, the 'Obama Approval Index' his approval rate was a whopping 30 percent. By March 1 it fell to a meager 8 percent. Considering he had 15 percent on Feb. 27, this is a veritable freefall.

President and CEO David Armstrong of Armstrong International, a century old family owned financial company, has clear reasons for the significant drop in popularity.

According to Armstrong the public listens to promises and monitors how they perceive they area being delivered, after giving a reasonable 'honeymoon' period wherein they give the benefit of the doubt.

He discusses that with an unprecedented number of Obama's Democratic cabinet choices being surrounded by impossible to ignore ethics challenges, an 'Obama fatigue factor' has set in.

"When virtually all of the 'changes' promised by Obama are changes toward big centralized government, or when they see Obama flip-flopping on so many campaign promises, such as his solemn vow to post important bills on the Internet prior to voting on them-such as the trillion dollar taxpayer-funded bailout of rich bankers-even moderate and some liberal voters are left scratching their heads in puzzlement and/or disenchantment," Armstrong said.

Armstrong's suggestion to Obama: "Speak only the truth and practice the Golden Rule: Do unto taxpayers as you would have taxpayers do unto you."

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