And the discussion continues

In my first weeks here, I followed the EMS space issue at the Sodom Community Building. What seemed like a "no-brainer" at first, transformed into one of the toughest decisions I watched the Johnsburg Town Council make.

It is obvious that the negative reaction of the local citizenry killed the expansion - for better or worse.

It is impressive to watch a town board sit and listen for hours as the public voices its varied opinions on a host of topics. And this is one thing I will take with me as I move on.

Throughout my beat communities, I was never once denied access to any documents - FOILs were never required. It was always "what do you need Jon?"

I have been thoroughly impressed by the commitment to open government. Johnsburg Supervisor Goodspeed regularly adds items to a meeting agenda that will be unpopular - that will cause discussion and dissent. And for this he should be commended.

I am not sure many politicians would voluntarily bring up the highway department in a political environment like that of Johnsburg, but Goodspeed and his area peers embrace such things.

Even if you hated my work, I hope that on at least one occasion, it also made you think or question something. If this happened, then I made my one little contribution to the area.

And as is the way around here, the discussion will surely continue and it was a pleasure to be part of it.

Jonathan Alexander is News Enterprise editor. He can be reached at jonathan@denpubs.com

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