And the discussion continues

For those of you who haven't heard, you will be rid of me very soon.

Considering some of the anger which I have been able to stir in people, it seems this may be considered good news for some.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say what an absolute pleasure it was to cover the greater Johnsburg area and interact with the citizenry.

There is little doubt that the battles between the differing factions of the community will continue. The no development crowd will continue to but heads with the pro-tourism crowd, local school tax rates will continue to make people cringe, but it is in these arguments that a community finds and creates itself and I have truly enjoyed observing the discourse.

It seems that some of the editorial content in the paper over the last few months has annoyed and in some cases truly angered certain groups. I see this as a positive.

I never planned on entering a popularity contest. Instead, my focus was centered on rousing debate - on making people think about a given issue.

If people not only read the paper, but then discussed it with their peers, it was a good week.

Sure, some of the content was a bit crass, and that is how it was intended. It is too easy to stick one's head in the sand and forget that dogma happens - that the world is filled with people with differing and sometimes taboo ideas.

A town like Johnsburg is prime for such probing. Very few other municipalities regularly conduct three-hour town board meetings.

The length of these meetings is a result of an undeniable belief in the importance of hearing-out public comment. And, unlike many public comment periods I have heard, the opinions of the populace do have an effect.

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