•100 Years Ago - June, 1909•

The lazy days of summer

The Parks Hospital, of Glens Falls has been renamed and will henceforth be called "Glens Falls Hospital."

A total eclipse of the moon, the first total eclipse of the moon in 11 years, was watched the evening of June 10, 1909 by hundreds of Warrensburgh people. There was a total eclipse of the sun June 17, 1909.

Farmers report that crops are doing poorly for this time of year and corn is scarcely two inches high due to the cold nights and potatoes are not doing much better. The hay crop, however, is giving promise of doing very good.

No less than three dog fights have taken place this week up and down Warrensburgh's main street.

There is a hydrophobia (rabies) scare in this area and dogs have been required to be muzzled.

Fort William Henry Hotel burns

The Fort William Henry Hotel burned in a spectacular fire on June 24, 1909. Through vistas of green shrubbery, black smoldering ruins mark all that remains of the old hotel at the head of Lake George. This big establishment was owned by the Delaware and Hudson Co.y when it burned in the early morning hours and they had owned it for several years. The loss was estimated at $500,000 with an insurance of probably $90,000.

Shortly after 3 o'clock in the morning the hotel manager, J.F. Wilson detected smoke and sounded the alarm. It was near the servant's quarters in the basement, directly below the dining room that the fire started. The servants, about 150, had barely enough time to escape with what wearing apparel they could grab as they ran for their lives. The fumes of the smoke, belching throughout the building, stifled all the attempts to use the fire hydrants.

The fire department promptly responded but there was little they could do to rescue the main building but a stream of water was kept playing on the cottages and the power house which were saved. The hotel was to be opened for the season the very day that it burned. It will probably be rebuilt.

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