ESSEX 6/27/09

Bad news column fans. I lost the card that would have done told ya'll the answer to the question of the week asking "What do the colors in the American flag mean?" Will keep looking.

Whoa, but my mention in last week's column opposing the move to force RNs to get BS degrees certainly touched a few nerve endings. Phone calls, personal thanks for raising the subject, and one published letter which took me to task for my sating that courses in a four year degree can be superfluous. I appreciate all calls: the supportive, the negative, and the two that said "EH?" DNCers think I better not go to a hospital soon. What do they mean, I wonder?

Now, I never intended to denigrate any kind of training program but there simply can't be any person in the universe that will disagree with my assertion that our colleges have padded their degree programs to span four years for the sake of money. Who can believe that the level of education statistically correlates with an increase in the ability to apply taught learning's to new situations, and, most importantly, the ability to think critically (better known as" horse sense.")

I also wanted to indicate my belief that this whole attempt to require RN's to hold a BS degree is nothing more than a blatant attempt by four year colleges to take over the RN process from our fine community college system.

Grandson Jimmy Looby is home on leave from tank training and will soon be on his way for more advanced tank training. Young people still seem to want to serve their country regardless of what some people would like you to believe.

Now, some callers want another explanation of the column section filled with a redundancy of language usage I found in Oxford English Dictionary. Try pages between 24 and 3,563.

Wait, wait, and ignore the first paragraph in the column. I just found the card which states; the color red stands for courage, blue for justice and white for purity. Thank you.

Finally requests for marital advice from this columnist resulted with a plethora of continuous requests not to provide any responses.

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