What the heck!

Tell you what I find odd. H is a word that's meaning is a destination millions and millions of people feel doesn't exist. It's cuss word "lite". It's an empty calorie word. To hear it used, I believe, will harm a youngster little to naught. If I were making the rules about what should be censored from television and radio air, and print, instead of censoring h, and other non-effective cusses, I'd choose to censor descriptive criminal reports.

My favorite radio and television stations recently aired a report about a local nanny who was being tried for molesting a small child. The report included clear descriptive details of what the accused had done with the child, including manhandling and injuring the child, and-ah, whoops, I'll stop there, which is what I would hope our news producing outlets would start doing.

We, and the FCC, think a 12-year-old child riding to school with her mama listening to the radio should be protected from hearing the word H, yet we apparently don't mind the child hearing, often, in glaring detailed descriptions, about what a pedophile or rapist or murderer has done to his or her victim?

Young children shouldn't have to hear disgusting details of crimes. (Many of the crimes are against young children) Adults shouldn't either. And to say reporting lurid details of outrageous crimes is a public service that makes us more aware of the everyday ills that surround us, which makes us more watchful and therefore safe, is a weak defense of high-ratings seeking reporting. If an adult is not aware there are bad people doing bad things, hearing about those bad things on T.V. isn't going to shock the adult into having a clue.

And believe me, I know we're free to not watch or listen to anything we find offensive, but young children are not always in the position of power to chose what they're viewing or listening to.

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