Reflecting on the "I"

Although we didn't see eye-to-eye on everything - most of our differences of opinion I would attribute to generational polymorphisms - he was one of the finest conversationalists I have ever met.

We could talk about anything - from the innate human awareness of 'self' to the planned development of North Creek. There were no boundaries or limits - anything to spur thought.

We surely had some epic debates and fits of discourse.

Bill was a hunter, but also a man who would regularly rescue the orphaned fawn or raccoon trying to suckle its dead mother on the side of the road and work diligently to get the milk chemistry just right - as to assure its survival.

He was a man of passion, a man striving to be "well-rounded." And for me, this is his legacy.

Thanks to my grandfather, my foundational core centers around the Renaissance man ideal.

I only hope to someday attain his level of this characteristic. Someone who could be equally comfortable running a chain saw or participating in an ivory tower debate.

An intellect void of pretension, an every-man and a statesman.

These are the values which I will spend my life pursuing. They are direct consequences of my 27 years of interactions with my grandfather.

Bill will certainly be missed, but in each of us who had the opportunity to spend time with him, his legacy lives.

My grandfather directly taught me so many lessons and indirectly even more through beliefs and knowledge carried on by my father.

I hope you the reader can excuse this fit of nepotism, but with the impending event and Father's Day to boot, it seemed appropriate.

I only wish I had told him how important he was in my personality formation before it was too late. I will never make such a mistake again and in this vein - I love you dad.

Jonathan Alexander is News Enterprise editor. He can be reached at jonathan@denpubs.com

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