Down with Stossel: a year in review

It's been just over a year since I first signed on as editor of the Valley News, and as I reflect on my time here thus far, I realize that it's probably the most rewarding job I've had.

Becoming a journalist was not my first choice for a career, but doing so in this capacity has allowed me to see this place I call home so clearly in such a short time; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

It fascinates me to see all the different backgrounds, political opinions, and artistic talent that resides in this sparsely populated area we call Essex County. It is truly uplifting to see several amazing people who are earnestly trying to make a positive impact in their community by sharing their time, talent, and other resources.

It's been especially enjoyable having the chance to cover some of our local high school sports this past year. With such amazing athleticism and teamwork on display, I often have to remind myself to watch through the lens of a camera and not to make any outward expressions. It's encouraging to see young people exhibit sportsmanship and a commitment to academics as so many of our local student-athletes do.

At other times, I've had the chance to get a deeper look into how local government really works. Though it's disappointing to see how poorly the system sometimes serves the people, I have to admire the shrewdness of some of our local statesmen (and women) and the way they are able to address a wide variety of issues. I respect their sincere intent to improve the public good.

There have been times I've presented stories that some people would have rather not been exposed to the public eye. Such is the nature of the job, I suppose, but I just strive to do it in a way that is objective, fair, and tasteful; in other words, the complete opposite of John Stossel from ABC's "20/20." As long as I can accomplish that, I've got a clear conscience. Can you say the same, Mr. Stossel?

If the feedback I've gotten from readers is any indication, I'd like to think that the Valley News has accomplished the goal of informing (and, dare I say, entertaining) its readers in a professional way. As time goes on, I hope that I can continue to cover the region I grew up in and remind those around me of all the great gifts this area has to offer.

Matt Bosley is the editor for the Valley News and Tri-Lakes Today newspapers. He can be reached at 873-6368 x216 or matt@denpubs.com.

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