Boltonians show they care

BOLTON - Sitting in a wheelchair Saturday at a table in the Bolton Conservation Club, Carol Shaw looked around at the dozens of people who turned out to raise money for her so she wouldn't lose her house due to overdue taxes.

Battling cancer and undergoing radiation treatments, she's recently been spending money to keep herself alive rather than on less crucial expenses.

Shaw smiled as she looked at friends, acquaintances, and others she wasn't familiar with, but who were Boltonians attending the community dinner to help a local citizen in a time of need.

A week ago, Shaw was unable to talk because of her radiation treatments. But Saturday, her voice clearly conveyed her thoughts.

"I just can't say enough about this," Shaw said about the 75 or so attending. "I'm just overwhelmed."

Bolton Supervisor Kathleen Simmes and resident Susan Wilson and other members of the local Health Committee organized the event after they found out about Shaw's plight.

Simmes found out about Shaw's financial squeeze when she accompanied her daughter, Lori Simmes, to Glens Falls Hospital's Cancer Center for Lori's radiation treatments for brain cancer.

Present at Saturday's fundraiser, Lori Simmes said the benefits of the event went far beyond the money raised.

"When you go through cancer treatments, something like this does absolutely everything for you - it keeps spirits up, letting you know everyone is there for you," she said. "It has incredible benefits not only financially, but spiritually."

Shaw's granddaughter Teesha confirmed that the smile on Carol Shaw's face showed her spirits had been lifted a lot.

"It's really nice people turned out like this," Teesha said, looking at the crowd. "My Grandma is a sweet and loving lady."

Karen Azer was one of the local residents who turned out.

"It's a great thing to have a community get together and support someone like this," Azer said.

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